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Judy Chicago

This is an excerpt from Womanhouse, the 1972 documentary by Johanna Demetrikas, which played on the video wall from April 17 - April 24, 2020. For more information about the film, please visit Women Make Movies.

Womanhouse is a historic documentary about one of the most important feminist cultural events of the 1970s. Judy Chicago (best-known as the creator of The Dinner Party) and Miriam Shapiro rented a 75 year old abandoned Hollywood mansion and altered its interior through decor and set-pieces in collaboration with their students at the CalArts Feminist Art Program in Los Angeles. Founded by Chicago and Shapiro in 1971, The Feminist Art Program’s first iteration manifested in installation and performance sought to "search out and reveal the female experience...the dreams and fantasies of women as they sewed, cooked, washed, and ironed away their lives."

Womanhouse is a fascinating historical look at feminism, its reception in the 1970s, and the ever-important relationship between art and social change—a work ahead of its time. Art historian Temma Balducci notes in Revisiting Womanhouse: Welcome to the (Deconstructed) Dollhouse, “The artists who produced Womanhouse used parody and exaggeration as tools to undermine essentialist stereotypes about women that limited them to domestic roles, making it one of the earliest feminist artworks to question the boundaries between essential and constructed meaning.”

Women Make Movies supports women producers and directors from the beginning, planting the seeds for a diverse and inclusive filmmaking landscape. Salon 94 has long admired their work & partnered with WMM to bring you Womanhouse.

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April 17, 2020–April 24, 2020

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