Warm Objects | Salon 94

Warm Objects, 2007

Peggy Ahwesh

​Utilizing heat sensing imaging technology, scenes of everyday incidents of the city are transformed into glimpses of our world through an alien lens. Two insertions of on-screen text betray Ahwesh's ominous implications. The first is a meditation on Rudyard Kipling's oft-quoted "Truth is the first casualty of war," while the second takes the form of a hastily crafted e-mail, suggesting that its author has become withdrawn and pessimistic out of fear of some pending disaster. Originally made in response to the political climate of the Iraq War, Warm Objects remains a relevant portrait of the world in uncertain and paranoid times.

This work was carried out with the support of MIRTHE, an NSF sponsored Engineering Research Center. Thanks: Dr. Claire Gmachl, Tiffany Ko, Princeton University.

Courtesy of the artist and Microscope Gallery, curated by Josephine Shokrian.

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May 16, 2017–June 06, 2017

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