The Art Handlers | Salon 94

The Art Handlers, 2014

Jeremy Couillard

​There are a lot of Physicists who say that there are infinite possible universes and maybe they are shaped like a quilt but the speed of light prevents us from seeing them in our universe and so we are left in the cold, unable to cuddle up into this multiverse quilt. For example: in one universe, there are planets with labyrinthal caves pockmarked with fancy and colorful jacuzzis. All the people that live in the caves are naked and they go from jacuzzi to jacuzzi and just hang out all day.

There is one jacuzzi that has THC in its purple water and another that is pink and has little mushrooms that float on its surface. The drugs absorb into your skin through your sweaty pours and you have vivid hallucinations of other universes where people worry about money and death and they build cities where when it snows the snow gets all muddy and gross and piles up in damp corners of dirty concrete and it gets into your shoes and makes your toes cold. They have some jacuzzis in this universe but only a few people get to chill out in them and when they do they cover parts of their bodies in synthetic polymers and there is only one drug in the water whose purpose is to sterilize the skin rather than to please it.

When you wake up you see your naked friends and the neon jacuzzis lit up in the dusky hollow space like fluorescent towers that grew in the wrong direction and you smile and get up and take a bite out of the cave wall because it is a brownie.

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February 01, 2014–February 12, 2014

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