Strange Fire | Salon 94

Strange Fire, 2005

Sylvie Fleury

Salon 94 is pleased to present Strange Fire, a video by Sylvie Fleury on the outdoor video wall.

Strange Fire, 2005 shows a woman wearing Star Spangled Swarovski high heels walking over Christmas tree decorations, which crack and shatter. The camera is directed at her feet while music plays throughout, evoking a fetishist’s scenario. Fetishism is based largely on the questioning of values and traditional relationships of power; it is usually private, however, and thus is conducted within hidden spheres of life. Fleury makes it openly visible, however, placing it where one might not have expected to see it.

Sylvie Fleury was born in Geneva in 1961, where she currently lives and works. Fleury's work has been widely exhibited at such museums as the Museum Villa Stuck, Centre de Arte Contemporaneo in Malaga, Spain; the Kunstraum Innsbruck; ZKM, Museum für Neue Kunst in Karlsruhe, Germany; Palazzo Grassi, Venice; Migros Museum fur Gegenwartskunst in Zurich; Musee National d’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou, Paris; and PS1, New York. She has been included in the 45th Venice Biennale, Italy; the 1998 Bienal Internacional de Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Paillettes et Dépendances ou la Fascination du Néant, her retrospective exhibition, was presented at the Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Geneva, in 2008.

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