Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist | Salon 94

Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist, 2012

978-0945802587, Hardcover, 190 pages, 1 x 10.5 x 12.2 inches, published by Museum for African Art, ISBN 978-0945802587

Salah Hassan (Editor), Ibrahim El-Salahi



Ibrahim El-Salahi is one of the most influential figures in Sudanese modern art. Through his extraordinary artwork and remarkable writing and art criticism, he has made foundational contributions to the modernist movements in Africa and the Arab world. In his paintings, drawings, and illustrations, he engages with an array of traditional African, Arab, and Islamic visual sources as well as European art movements. His unique style transcends geographic and cultural boundaries and has inspired artists in Sudan and elsewhere in Africa for generations.