FLUCT+, Table Top, 2017, Curated by Performa, commissioned by Performa and Salon 94

Introducing S94+

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With the aim of building on its history of performative impulses, as well as continuing to create new opportunities for artists and audiences alike, Salon 94 announces the newly-established nonprofit S94+. Since our inception in 2002, Salon 94 has nurtured the work of contemporary artists by producing a range of projects often exceeding the exhibition format; from artist-made movies and animations to dance and performance. The establishment of S94+ formalizes a platform where projects reflecting a myriad of artistic and social positions might be developed and produced at 3 East 89th Street. We hope to champion engagement across a civic spectrum.

S94+ will be artist-driven. Dance, performance, and seminars will supplement exhibitions on view in the galleries, and invite our visitors to artist-born exhibitions.