Aislan Pankararu

Aislan Pankararu | Endless River
Salon 94 89th Street

Opening April 30th, Salon 94 will host the first solo exhibition of the work of Aislan Pankararu (born 1990; Petrolândia, Pernambuco, Brazil; lives and works in São Paulo) in the United States with over two dozen recent paintings made across scale.

Aislan Pankararu's paintings synthesize heritage and healing in abstractions deeply rooted in the cosmology of the Toré, a ritualistic dance central to Pankararu life. Toré bridges the earthly and spiritual worlds, highlighting the interconnectedness of all beings by opening pathways for divine communion through music, movement, and body painting.

Endless River is organized in collaboration with Galatea, São Paulo and Alexandra Mollof Fine Art.

Aislan's exhibition will be complemented by a presentation of furniture by José Zanine Caldas made between 1975 and 1980. A self-taught artist, designer and architect, Caldas's work of this period includes his trademark carved and chiseled works of which some dozen examples will be on view across Salon 94's third floor.

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