Laleh Khorramian Chopperlady

Laleh Khorramian | Chopperlady
Salon 94 94th Street

Laleh Khorramian’s second animation based on her monoprints, paintings, and drawings.

Installation Views

Salon 94 is pleased to present Chopperlady, Laleh Khorramian’s second animation based on her monoprints, paintings, and drawings.

The ten-minute digital stop frame animation follows the journey of a part-human part-helicopter character as she flies through color-saturated landscapes, and their latent worlds revealed by Khorramian’s view-finder. Following Sophie and Goya (2004), which told the tale of Sophie, moving through rooms, theaters and forests, Chopperlady re-configures the magical-realistic world of the first chapter from a ground-level to an aerial perspective.

Chopperlady will be shown alongside large works on paper. These textured abstract landscapes created by oiling and inking a mirror and applying it to clay covered paper provide the starting point for Khorramian’s animations. Using the lens as a fluid tool to look over her work, she also uses it to zoom into details present in the drawings but ignored or invisible at first glance. A detail in the landscape becomes a figure, a valley or a cliff, only to zoom back out or cut away to another painting to project a different scenario. Never fully developing a single or complete narrative, the animation encourages the viewer to contemplate the seemingly insignificant and diverse events that constitute the unfolding of myths and epic histories, all the while suggesting highly personal travels and emotions.

The accidental nature of the monoprint medium reflects Khorramian’ s concerns: a reflection on fate and metamorphosis and an attempt to visualize time and space as it is experienced while making the work. Khorramian incorporates the preparatory sketches, failed and successful, the marks on her table, and cut outs of refused works into her animation, which enables her and her audience, not only to analyse her studio practice, providing an aerial survey of her work, but also to experience the potential stories within these drawings, extending their borders spatially and temporally.