Brazilian Design Presented by Ulysses De Santi

Group Show | Brazilian Design
Salon 94 89th Street

Installation Views

Salon 94 Design and Ulysses de Santi present a selection of Brazilian designs, with works by Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge Zalszupin, and Martin Eisler. Early painted examples from Joaquim Tenreiro and bent-plywood furniture by Jorge Zalszupin provide insight to an expansive Brazilian furniture repertoire.

Joaquim Tenreiro began his career as a furniture maker learning traditional woodworking in his father’s workshop. In 1942 Tenreiro made a transition to modern designs after Oscar Niemeyer commissioned him to make furniture for a residential home. Tenreiro also had an affinity for sculpture and painting, as witnessed in the ornamentation on the 1950’s Bar, he eventually stopped making furniture and devoted himself to painting and sculpture in the 1960s.

Polish-born Brazilian architect and designer, Jorge Zalszupin pioneered bent wood furniture in Brazil by bringing together Scandinavian techniques with native woods of the country. Zalszupin was also a close collaborator with Oscar Niemeyer and designed furniture for the most important commission in the country’s architectural history, the new capital city of Brasília.

This presentation is a concise selection of works that highlight the internationality and material diversity of Brazilian furniture. Historical pieces from the government offices of Brasília sit alongside pioneering modernist examples by Tenreiro and others.